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Tales of Forever - Excerpt 7

With the unexpected findings of The Dead Sea Scrolls, the notion of recovering “hidden” wisdom literature has become widespread

The Curtain Rises

Centuries of Suppression

With the unexpected occurrence of the Qumran findings of The Dead Sea Scrolls, the notion of recovering “hidden” wisdom literature has become more and more widespread. Consequently, it no longer seems so far-fetched that there might be other sources of biblical truth not found amongst the traditional sixty-six books of The Bible. What is more, these sources of truth are able to provide critical missing pieces to the biblical record. In this way, these remarkable texts are helping to answer questions that have puzzled scholars for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

This is why, even before a place like Qumran could ever have been imagined, when mere rumors of a surviving Enochic text began to surface, the Scottish explorer James Bruce was eager to get his hands on a copy, no matter the cost to him personally. So in 1773, Bruce endured an extremely hazardous journey to Ethiopia, where he was able to secure three copies of the rare book. Then in 1821, Dr. Richard Laurence, regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford, translated the work into English, providing the West with its first glimpse into Enoch’s “forbidden mysteries.” No longer would we remain a victim of centuries of suppression. No longer could the traditions of men keep us in ignorance concerning the role of spiritual pioneers like Enoch the scribe.

As a result, we can study these so-called “apocryphal” texts for ourselves. Now we are free to digest the contents of these remarkable books on our own. We can meditate on their mystical sayings and relive the fantastic journey of Enoch, as easily as any described by the likes of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells. We can now witness firsthand how God is still using Enoch as a type of Christ, even after his supposed “death,” from his being taken up to Heaven, where he served as a divine mediator, right up to his reappearance as one of the Two Witnesses described in The Book of Revelation.

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Thanks to the courage and dedication of men like Bruce and Laurence, who succeeded in restoring these ancient texts to our Western world, almost everyone who has ever studied biblical history has come to learn about Enoch and the strange angelic beings called the Watchers. Their fabled story provides the building blocks for countless mythological motifs, particularly concerning their respective roles in the construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza. Since time immemorial, one civilization after another has told and retold its own version of a miraculously exalted hero, poised to usher in an age of enlightenment for the faithful. But what does tradition have to say about the rest of Enoch’s life? Unfortunately, except for the brief passages in Scripture, tradition has very little to say. What really happened to Enoch during his ascension to Heaven? Did God simply spirit him away without leaving humanity a single word of explanation afterward? And why does there seem to be so little written about Enoch’s role in the creation of The Bible?

Furthermore, how did Enoch react when an angel told him he was being recruited as a conveyer of the mysteries of God? What was the reaction of Enoch’s family after he told them the news? What did his family do with the books he wrote? And could the accounts produced so long ago by Enoch and others like him finally be starting to prove their relevance, not simply to a few appointed people but to an entire world, ready and waiting for their lost message?

These are just some of the things that this book, entitled Tales of Forever, will attempt to grapple with; but it will do so in a way unlike any other book that you have ever encountered. It will not seek to approach the issue in a strictly formal manner, and though many decades of scholarship have contributed to its creation, it will not attempt to do so in a purely scholastic way, either. But rather the stories in this book will attempt to reveal a radical new approach to the key personalities and events of history. Instead of the typical piece-meal fashion, common to most biblical treatises, the Tales of Forever will attempt to provide a completely unique insight into many of these watershed moments through the power of the dramatic narrative.

In the Tales of Forever, we discover for ourselves just how God continued to rescue Adam and Eve during every phase of their lives, from providing them with sheepskins for clothing, right up to His teaching them how to make their first offerings to Him. We discover for ourselves how God nurtured Abraham throughout every phase of his life, from rescuing him as a young man from the furnace of Nimrod, right up to the time when God asked him to offer up his son Isaac as a burnt offering. And we discover for ourselves why Pontius Pilate acted the way he did during his encounters with Jesus, from his early career as a ruthless politician, right up to his reaction to the machinations of the entrenched religious leaders in Judea at that time.

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