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Tales of Forever - Excerpt 8

This is the story of a man who soared through a hole in space and time

The Man from Forever

A Hole in Space and Time

This is the story of a man who soared through a hole in space and time, where space was without limit, and time stood still. There was only the man and his journey, and this journey took him to a land where all legends and lore collide, where the man found himself standing before The Face of God, the Lord of Eternity Who holds space and time in the palm of His hand.

When this man asked the Face why he was there, he was told simply that he should tell the Tales of Forever. Then he was given a pen of quick-writing and told to write them down as fast as he could. So for what seemed like but a moment, the man beyond time wrote down everything he heard. He wrote the stories of everyone’s lives, of those who have lived, of those who were living, and of those who were yet to live.

And after he was done writing, he awoke on his couch, wondering what he should do next. Until finally, he realized that he had no choice in the matter, because unless he did what he was supposed to do, no one else would ever know the Tales of Forever, because no one but him had witnessed the things that he had. So he looked in the mirror and understood what he alone had to do, because he recognized the face staring back at him, and it was the face of the man from forever.

Sparks and Secrets

In the seventh generation from Adam, one of his sons became famous, not only for his skill as a master craftsman but also for his remarkable wisdom. His name was Enoch. Living before the Great Flood, in the days when people often lived more than nine hundred years, Enoch was still a young man at the age of three hundred and sixty-five.

One afternoon, he was at home, relaxing on his couch, when he fell fast asleep. As he slept, a horrible depression overwhelmed him, and he began to weep. Without warning, two angels materialized at the end of his couch. Their faces glowed like the Sun, their eyes flashed like beacons, and they had brilliant wings of gold.

“Wake up, Enoch,” said one of them.

Confused and groggy, Enoch opened his eyes. Jumping to his feet, he stared oddly at the two luminous beings standing before him. “Hello, uh, how are you?” he stammered.

“Fine, thank you,” replied the second one politely. “My name is Sariel, and this is my associate, Raguel.”

Enoch nodded nervously. “Nice to meet you both.” Rubbing his eyes, he blinked widely.

“We’re very sorry for intruding unannounced like this,” said Raguel. “Did we startle you?”

Story Continues Below
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Story Continues From Above

“Oh, no, of course not.” Enoch did his best to stay calm in the presence of this disturbing pair of visitors. “How can I help you two?”

“Relax, Enoch,” said Raguel. “There’s no need to be afraid. The Eternal God has sent us to tell you something.”

“What is it?” asked Enoch, gulping in anticipation.

“Today,” replied Sariel, “you’ll be going up to Heaven with us.”

“But how is that possible?” wondered Enoch, bewildered at the very idea.

Sariel extended his arm toward Enoch. “Take hold of my cloak and find out.”

His eyes wide with anticipation, Enoch reached out his trembling hand and placed it on Sariel’s luminous sleeve. Then the two angels abruptly extended their tremendous white wings, and up they went with Enoch in tow.

To his amazement, Enoch was instantly lifted through Earth’s atmosphere, and rising upward to the first level of Heaven, he saw a vast crystal sea, even greater than that of the Earth’s ocean.

Soaring onward to the third Heaven, with the aid of his winged escorts, Enoch caught sight of a beautiful garden with an amazing tree growing at its heart. Around the tree flew a swarm of bright white angels, flitting about, limb to limb, manicuring the exquisite leaves and robust fruit, which resembled delicate grapes. From the lips of these angels came beautiful singing, more incredible than any human voice could have ever sung. Enoch turned to his angelic guides. “Is that really what I think it is?”

The angels both nodded.

“Yes, it is,” said Sariel. “The Tree of Life.”

“And those are the three hundred angels,” added Raguel, “who tend to the tree, day and night, without end.”

The singing of those angels sent out such a hypnotic effect that Enoch became transfixed by it. “Remarkable,” he muttered.

Onward, the two angels carried the awestruck Enoch, upward still, as yet another astonishing sight rolled past his eyes. Vast columns of warrior angels, armed with jewel-encrusted shields and swords, glided past the trio. They, too, sang a remarkably haunting song as they went by.

“This can’t really be happening, can it?” Enoch asked incredulously. “I must still be asleep on my couch. I’m dreaming all this, right?”

“No, of course not, Enoch,” replied Sariel.

“You are seeing.” Raguel smiled back knowingly.

“And who are these troops I’m seeing, then?”

“These are the legions of the Almighty,” said Raguel. “They all march under the banner of a single Ruler, the Omnipotent Lord, the King of Heaven.”

Astonished, Enoch shook his head. “Simply amazing.”

Still, the trio continued to soar upward, until they reached the seventh Heaven. Fiery archangels flew about everywhere, darting every which way. Wherever Enoch turned, he saw the same thing, row after row of dazzling thrones. Upon each of them sat a ghostly apparition staring down at him with smoldering eyes.

“What is all this?” asked a wide-eyed Enoch.

“These are the dominions of the Lord,” Sariel said, quite casually. “From them proceed the order and government of God.”

Enoch was dumbfounded as he watched cherubim, seraphim and other strange angelic beings, with numerous eyes wrapped around their heads, flying all around him. Turning to his two traveling companions, he asked, “Are you sure we’re in Heaven?”

Sariel smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Enoch. We’re getting very close to God’s throne, that’s all. This is no place for ordinary humans. Look!” The angel pointed up, and Enoch craned his neck to see.

Above them and still at a great distance, a brilliant purple light beckoned them onward.

“It’s so beautiful,” Enoch said quietly. “Is that God’s throne?”

Together, the angels nodded reverently.

“It is,” Raguel stated, quite matter-of-factly.

“Is that where you’re taking me?” wondered Enoch.

“That is where you will be going, yes,” Sariel replied with a benevolent smile.

“But I don’t understand.”

“Not everyone is as lucky as you are, Enoch,” said Raguel.

“What do you mean? I thought you were taking me to see the Lord.”

“Yes, Enoch, we have been taking you there,” Sariel assured him. “But we’ve only been allowed to bring you this far, and no further.”

“Beyond this point, we’re not permitted to venture at this time,” Raguel explained.

“But why?” asked Enoch nervously. “I don’t understand.”

A tremendous gust of wind suddenly blew the two angels off into the distance.

“No, wait!” shouted Enoch. “Don’t leave me!” Looking about, he realized that he was very much on his own, while still, all about him in the air, the frenzy of angelic flight carried on.

“What is that strange smell?” grumbled a cherubim as it buzzed past Enoch.

A seraphim then flew by. “I think it’s this human.”

“A human!” groaned the cherubim. “Who let him in here?”

“Don’t ask me,” the seraphim snorted. “How should I know?”

Terrified, Enoch began to panic. “Now what am I supposed to do? Why is this happening to me? Please, Lord, help me.”

The fiery cherubim flew right up to Enoch, sniffing at him disapprovingly. “You’re not supposed to be here! Who let you in?”

“I was brought here by angelic escorts,” replied Enoch.

The seraphim buzzed back. “You’re an intruder, I tell you!”

“Human flesh is not allowed here,” growled the cherubim. “Get out of here right now, or we’re going to kill you.”

“No, you can’t do that!” exclaimed Enoch with a shudder. “I told you, I was brought here by two of God’s angels. Honestly.”

The cherubim eyed him suspiciously. “You’re lying.”

“No. I was invited here; really I was.”

You?” scoffed the seraphim. “Why you?”

“But I’m not sure why. They didn’t say, exactly. They just told me the Eternal God had sent them to bring me here.”

“Enough of your lies, human!” barked the seraphim.

The cherubim drew out a fiery dagger. “I say we kill him, and be done with it!” He hovered closer to Enoch and raised his blade, poising it to strike.

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