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Tales of Forever - Excerpt 9

With blood-red eyes and gaping fangs, the serpent went straight for Eve as she ran away, screaming

Dawn of Time

Blood and Smoke

Later that afternoon, Adam and Eve left the cave, heading straight for the garden again. As they approached its southern border, they saw the serpent crawling in their direction. Moving toward the gate, it slithered along, despondently licking the dust. Then, when the serpent noticed Adam and Eve coming toward him, it rose up on its tail and swelled its tremendous head, preparing to strike. “I’m going to make you two pay for what you did, if it’s the last thing I do!” With blood-red eyes and gaping fangs, the serpent went straight for Eve as she ran away, screaming.

“Help, Adam; it’s after me!”

Momentarily, Adam just stood there, panic-stricken. “What do I do? Lord, help us!” Then, with a heart burning for Eve, he ran after the creature and dove for its tail. The serpent dragged Adam for several feet as he held on for dear life. Abruptly it stopped and turned toward him with dripping fangs. Terrified, Adam sprang to his feet.

“It’s all your fault, Adam!” the serpent hissed. “Now, because of you and this woman, I have to crawl around on my stomach all the time!”

The serpent lunged at Adam and wrestled him to the ground. Wrapping its gigantic coils around his body, it poised to crush him. “I’ll kill you for what you’ve done to me!”

But suddenly an angel appeared, and throwing the snarling creature away, he helped Adam to his feet.

“Thank you so much,” Adam gasped, breathlessly wiping the dust off. “You got here just in the nick of time.”

The indignant serpent glared at the angel. “What is the meaning of this outrage? Do you realize the misery these two have caused me?”

Then the Word of God materialized in their midst. “Of course he does, Serpent. But that doesn’t give you the right to attack them, you miserable coward.”

“How dare you speak to me like that,” hissed the serpent. “This is an outrage! An outrage! Do you have any idea who I am, my good man?”

“Do I know you?” replied the Word with a hearty laugh. “Of course I do.”

“Well, I doubt it. Because if you did, you’d treat me with some respect. After all, I am the wisest of all God’s creatures.”

“That may be true, but I’m the One Who created you with such wisdom in the first place.”

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Story Continues From Above

You created me?”

“I did, yes.”

“Well then, if you’re my creator, I have to assume it was you who changed me, forced me to crawl around on my belly; and for what?”

“Well, I may have forced you to crawl around on your belly, but still I never deprived you of everything. But from now on, you and all your kind will never be able to speak another word.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you arrogant fellow. Why on Earth would you do something like that? What have I ever done to you?”

“It was you who first helped bring disaster to God’s children. And now here you are trying to kill them, even though they’ve never wished you any harm, even after they were condemned because of what you did.”

Enraged, the serpent’s eyes thinned and his head swelled again. “Well, never in—”

But with a wave of His hand, the Word shoved the serpent’s next word back down his throat. And following another gesture, a tremendous wind picked up the speechless creature and hurled him far away.

“See, Lord, I told You this would happen!” Adam exclaimed. “I told You the animals would attack us and try to eat us! Didn’t I, Eve?”

Eve nodded, still trembling.

“Relax, Adam,” said the Word. “The serpent was only angry at you because I cursed him for helping Satan deceive you and Eve. But none of the other animals have ever tried to harm you. Remember when I had them all visit you before? Remember how you all made an agreement to live in harmony?”

Reluctantly, Adam nodded. “Yes, I remember.”

“I didn’t invite the serpent, did I? Or else it would have attacked you then. I knew how vindictive it had become. That’s why I never even let it get near you. So relax. Quit worrying so much. I’ll still be with you until the end of the days I’ve determined for you.”

“But, Lord, please,” groaned Adam, “can’t You just take us somewhere else? Someplace the serpent can never reach us? Or else someday it might find Your servant Eve and attack her again. Its eyes were so horrible, so full of evil.”

“From now on, you’ll never have to worry about it. I’ve driven it far from this place, so it won’t ever be coming near you again. In fact, none of the animals around here will ever attack you like that again.”

“Thank You, Lord. If You hadn’t come when You did, that thing would’ve killed us for sure. Where did You send it, anyway?”

“Right about now, I imagine it’s slithering around, quite perplexed and angry, on some seashore far, far away, in a place called India.” Then the Word disappeared.

The couple scanned the area with nervous eyes, and finally satisfied that the creature was nowhere to be seen, they returned to their investigation of the garden.

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