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Tales of Forever - Preview 11

The story of Enoch as a type of Christ provides the building blocks for countless mythological motifs

The Man from Forever

A Bridge Between Worlds

Almost everyone who has ever studied biblical history has heard about Enoch and the strange angelic beings called the Watchers. Their fabled story provides the building blocks for countless mythological motifs, from Enoch’s “catching away” to Heaven, to their respective roles in the construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza. Since time immemorial, one civilization after another has told and retold its own version of a miraculously exalted hero, poised to usher in an age of redemption for the faithful. But what does tradition have to say about the rest of Enoch’s life? Unfortunately, except for the brief passages in Genesis, tradition has very little to say. But what if there was another source of biblical truth not ordinarily found amongst the traditional sixty-six books of The Bible? And what if this record was able to provide some of the missing pieces to the biblical story? What really happened to Enoch during his ascension to Heaven? Did God simply spirit him away without leaving mankind a single word of explanation afterward? And why does there seem to be so little written about Enoch’s role in the creation of The Bible?

Astonishingly enough, there really is a body of ancient wisdom known as “apocryphal” literature, which provides exactly the links that we are seeking. Finally, we can discover for ourselves exactly how God continues to use Enoch as a type of Christ, even after his so-called “death,” from his being taken up to God’s throne, where he served as a divine mediator between God and humans, to his reappearance, with Elijah, at the End of Time to battle Anti-Christ as the Two Witnesses of The Book of Revelation.

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Now, within the pages of a unique book, entitled Tales of Forever, you’ll finally discover the answers to questions you’ve wondered about your whole life, not to mention a few you never even thought to ask. How did Enoch react when an angel told him he was being recruited as a conveyer of the mysteries of God? How did his family react after he told them the news? What did Enoch’s family do with the books he wrote? And could the written accounts produced so long ago by Enoch, and other biblical writers like him, finally be starting to prove their relevance, not simply to a few specially appointed people, but to an entire world, ready and waiting for their lost message?

These are just some of the amazing things you’ll learn about in Tales of Forever … that is, if you dare.

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