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Tales of Forever - Preview 12

A story of the first couple reveals how God continued to nurture Adam and Eve during every phase of their lives

Dawn of Time

The Downfall of the First Family

The story of Adam and Eve is literally the stuff of legends, from their prior glory in Eden to their disgraceful expulsion from the garden. Every culture the world over has incorporated some version of the Forbidden Fruit being offered up by some shape-shifting monster, poised to bring about the downfall of the first family of the clan. But what does tradition have to say about Adam and Eve after they got kicked out of the garden? Unfortunately, except for the brief passages in The Book of Genesis, it has very little to say at all. But what if there was another source of biblical truth not ordinarily found amongst the traditional sixty-six books of The Bible? And what if this record was able to provide some of the missing pieces to the biblical story? What really happened to Adam and Eve during their exile experience? Did God simply abandon them to a life of hopeless despair? And why does there seem to be so little written about the rest of their lives?

Astonishingly enough, there really is a body of ancient wisdom known as “apocryphal” literature, which provides exactly the links that we are seeking. Finally, we can discover for ourselves how God continued to nurture Adam and Eve during every phase of their lives, from providing them with sheepskins for clothing, right up to His teaching them how to make their first offerings to Him.

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Now, within the pages of a unique book, entitled Tales of Forever, you’ll finally discover the answers to questions you’ve wondered about your whole life, not to mention a few you never even thought to ask. How did Adam and Eve learn to survive after they were deprived of direct access to God? What did Satan do in his attempt to thwart God’s every effort in restoring Adam and Eve to their former state of grace and peace? How did Adam and Eve react when they were confronted with the idea of marriage? How many children did they have? What were their names? And could the woman that Cain was destined to marry actually have been his brother’s twin sister?

These are just some of the amazing things you’ll learn about in Tales of Forever … that is, if you dare.

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