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Tales of Forever - Preview 14

A story of Pontius Pilate that reveals why he acted the way he did during his encounters with Jesus

Trial by Fury

The Man Who Washed His Hands

There is hardly a person alive who is not familiar with the scene of Pontius Pilate washing his hands before an angry mob that is demanding the death of Jesus. The story is renowned throughout the annals of history, with every culture around the globe incorporating some version of the dying-and-rising hero providing his life for the sake of the group’s continued existence. But what does tradition have to say about why Pilate really condemned Jesus to die? Unfortunately, except for the brief passages in The Gospels, tradition has very little to say. But what if there was another source of biblical truth not ordinarily found amongst the traditional sixty-six books of The Bible? And what if this record was able to provide some of the missing pieces to the biblical story? Did Pilate condemn Jesus because he was trying to avoid yet another bloody riot under his jurisdiction? Or was he instead acting on orders from Rome, which required the pitiless end to any and all political threats to the Empire? And when his wife, Procla, tried to warn him about the innocence of the Man he was about to have crucified, did Pilate, in fact, believe her, after all?

Astonishingly enough, there really is a body of ancient wisdom known as “apocryphal” literature, which provides exactly the links that we are seeking. Finally, we can discover for ourselves why Pilate acted the way he did during his encounters with Jesus, from his early career as a notoriously ruthless governor of a well-known political hot spot, to the cunning machinations of well-entrenched religious leaders in Judea at that time.

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Now, within the pages of a unique book, entitled Tales of Forever, you’ll finally discover the answers to questions you’ve wondered about your whole life, not to mention a few you never even thought to ask. Were the disciples of Jesus the only people who believed in Him or supported His cause? How did Satan react to Jesus’ attempts to sacrifice His own life? What was Jesus really doing during the three days and nights prior to His resurrection? Was Jesus the only person Who was reported to have risen from the dead? And after everything was said and done, what was Pilate’s real motive in turning Jesus over to a Roman crucifixion, even after he had openly declared Him innocent of every charge?

These are just some of the amazing things you’ll learn about in Tales of Forever … that is, if you dare.

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