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Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale) - Preview 3

The sacred truths of Scripture are often distorted by those who wish to turn light into darkness

Turning Light into Darkness

Into the Belly of the Whale

Throughout history, truths found in The Bible have been dissected from their original context and reshaped into new versions of “truth” which then espouse something altogether alien from their scriptural foundations. Slaves obey your masters; judge not or else you’ll be judged; wives submit to your husbands; an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth—all familiar concepts that have their origin in Scripture, yet every one, when reinterpreted apart from their proper context, has been used to justify the kinds of behavior that the true spirit of The Bible condemns from cover to cover.

Counting down one misconception after the other, this book, entitled Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale), will offer an analysis of the potential reasons as to why these biblical concepts have become so misconstrued over the course of time, and in the process, a three-step principle of disinformation that pervades this list will be presented.

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So, if you’ve ever been curious to know why The Bible seems to present such a contradictory reality, then maybe it’s time you took your own plunge into the belly of the whale. In turn, you may discover for yourself that just because the sacred truths of Scripture have so often been distorted by those who wish to turn light into darkenss this does not constitute the final chapter of our tale. And in the end, you may find that the real prize to such a journey is discovering that when God sets forth His intention in Scripture, He actually means what He says and says what He means, regardless of centuries of disinformation that contribute to the greatest misconceptions ever blamed on The Bible.

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