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Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale) - Preview 5

Discover the true origins of human language, not from the traditions of mankind but from The Bible itself

Misconception #50

Before the Tower of Babel, Everyone Spoke Just One Language

In a nutshell: Everyone is speaking the same language, they all conspire to overthrow Heaven’s authority, and finally God confuses their language frame, scattering them in every direction. The result is an origin story that provides us with a concise explanation, however fantastic, of how humans evolved from a single language root into a multi-branched tree of languages. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? I mean, thousands of years of tradition must be accurate about what The Bible has to say, right?

But wait. Not so fast. Don’t forget our three laws of disinformation! First, latch onto a genuine truth of Scripture. Second, isolate that truth from its context. And third, repeat the new version of the “truth” until it’s rendered altogether alien from its original meaning.

Now, let’s see how this process has affected this familiar Bible story. First, place the story, depicted in the eleventh chapter of Genesis, on a pedestal of boundless conviction. Then, excise it from the rest of the book to create the impression that Scripture has nothing else to say about it. And finally, repeat this version of the story, again and again, thereby removing any doubt that The Bible or any of its supporters are anything but in complete agreement with this revised version.

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The end result: From the beginning of time, mankind always spoke in a single language until they attempted to unite in an unholy alliance to undermine heavenly authority. Then God got fed up and, to subvert their power grab, He divided their language into many different ones, thereby scattering their efforts to the wind. The End, right?

Again I say: Not so fast!

Still, I can sense an argument from many people. You may be asking: “But won’t I be rejecting The Bible if I no longer believe this story the way it’s been told all these years?”

Fortunately, the answer is: “No, you won’t be rejecting The Bible if you allow it to fill in the missing pieces on its own.”

Never mind about human traditions that have only managed to provide us with an incomplete picture of this story, because as it turns out, The Bible really does have more to say on this subject than we’ve been led to believe. What’s more, it’s imperative that we come to a fuller understanding of what it says about this subject because so many people’s faith are depending on a genuine awareness of what the Scriptures really say, and not merely a half-baked version of them.

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