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Tales of Forever - Preview 5

A subject once reserved for the elite and esoteric is now open for the layperson to investigate

The Hidden Books

New Vistas on the Horizon

The hidden books of The Bible, a subject of investigation once reserved only for the elite and esoteric, has come of age in the twenty-first century. With a vast array of electronic devices at our fingertips, a world of opportunities has opened up for anyone who has ever suspected that the Biblical Canon might contain more than the traditionally accepted view of sixty-six books. From a study of books like The Septuagint Bible, one of the earliest known vernacular versions of The Old Testament, and the much-maligned First Book of Enoch, a book that actually stood side by side with The Book of Revelation for the first four hundred years of Christendom, even the layperson now finds it possible to penetrate the centuries-old veil of disinformation and skepticism.

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To hear Kent, Zen Garcia and S. Douglas Woodward as they continue their discussion concerning the implications of the 5,500-year prophecy spoken of in various apocryphal sources and confirmed via the chronology of The Septuagint, CLICK BELOW.
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In the process of investigating such manuscripts, one also encounters a variety of other issues that are inexorably linked, particularly in terms of alternative biblical chronologies and spiritual truths, which offer tremendous significance to discerning hearts and minds. As it turns out, these alternate chronologies and truths point to new vistas on the horizon concerning God’s control over human history. And it to these books, chronologies, and truths that the book entitled Tales of Forever will turn in an effort to shed new light on old ideas—ideas that, once confronted honestly and openly, just might reveal a great deal more than tradition has thus far suspected.

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