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The Book of Days: In Search of the 5,500-year Prophecy Given to Adam About the Coming of Christ

Examine the evidence that proves when God makes a promise to humanity, He not only keeps it, but He keeps it right on time

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“This book feeds the hungry heart like no other… It confirms God’s faithfulness, and diminishes the doubt and confusion that have for so long plagued mankind.”

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Contrary to our modern view of The Bible, which depicts a 4,000-year genealogy from Adam to Christ, there is actually a great deal of evidence that this chronology is at odds with the genuine facts of biblical history. To demonstrate this, The Book of Days presents an alternate timeline by way of a vast array of voices, citing testimony derived from biblical texts, historical documents, and sacred artifacts.

The conclusion offered here: Not only does this evidence support a 5,500-year chronology from Adam to Christ, but more importantly, it also constitutes more than a mere shift in historical timetables. That is because the 4,000-year chronology does nothing to support the idea of God’s faithfulness to humanity, while a proper understanding of the 5,500-year chronology does everything to provide verifiable proof that when God makes a promise, He keeps it right on time.

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The Book of Days sheds new light on a lost chapter of biblical history by connecting the 5,500-year genealogy from Adam to Christ, found in The Septuagint Bible, with The Great Five and a Half Day prophecy so prevalent in parabiblical literature. If this can be adequately accomplished, then it is my hope they will never again stand apart and so will finally be seen in the context that the God of The Bible originally intended for them.

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Examine the evidence—both biblical and historical—that proves when God makes a promise to humanity, He not only keeps it, but He keeps it right on time.

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In 1650, Archbishop James Ussher published one of the most influential biblical chronologies ever set forth as the unassailable word of God. By using texts in The Book of Genesis, together with other passages from Scripture, Ussher calculated that the world was created on the 23rd day of October, in the year 4,004 B.C. To this day, most Christians would never think to dispute such a finding, and if ever challenged would defend this “fact” to the death, not knowing why, other than that it had been included in so many copies of their Bible. But sadly, as well-intentioned as these defenders of the faith are, they may, upon further review of all things scriptural, actually be defending a proverbial Trojan horse.

Nearly lost to history is the knowledge that long before Archbishop Ussher offered his chronology as the “gospel truth,” there was already another chronological system that had been universally accepted for the first fifteen centuries of Christendom. This chronology, derived from The Septuagint Bible, adhered to a 5,500-year period from the Fall of Adam to the Advent of Christ. And though it had withstood the test of time for so many centuries, it fell victim to one of the most ironic twists in history and was replaced by a more politically correct translation, which influenced all subsequent versions of The English Bible as we know it today. So, with The Septuagint having been officially relegated to the dustbin of apocryphal literature, the way was unwittingly paved for Ussher’s “new and improved” chronology—one that most biblical scholars will admit is at odds with every known historical account, both Jewish and Christian.

Of course The Septuagint was not the first book to have suffered the wrath of ecclesiastical scorn. Included in the halls of the excised were such legendary texts as those ascribed to Enoch, the man who famously walked and talked with God. And though one can assume the truths conveyed in that conversation might be of great interest, this natural human curiosity was summarily short-circuited when religious authorities, declaring these books unsuitable for common folk, banned them. Such are the perpetual tug of wars—theologically-speaking—that have plagued the entire history of The Bible so that what was once perfectly acceptable is almost overnight deemed an object of holy revulsion. As a result, many of the world's most revered manuscripts, rejected and suppressed, have sadly been lost to history forever … or so it would seem.

It is to the tumultuous story of these lost books, lost chronologies, and lost truths, then, that this work will turn in an effort to shed new light on what I believe to be the ultimate tale of God’s intention toward humanity. To do so, this book—unlike any other that deals with such subjects as scriptural interpretation, biblical chronology, and religious artifacts—will not only offer evidence from history but also from the very books that have, down through the ages, generated so much derision and controversy. In the process, even the layperson will be able to judge for themselves what has, for so very long, been the exclusive domain of the elite and the scholar, the esoteric and the clandestine.

Consequently, readers will find themselves on an unprecedented journey in which the traditional notions concerning the so-called Lost Books of The Bible are turned upside down. What appears to be one of the great failures of history will, within the pages of this book, be portrayed not as having occurred in spite of God's best efforts to reveal His truth but as a direct result of His desire to hide it. No doubt Solomon had this in mind when he uttered his proverb: “God in His greatness has concealed many things, while kings have the honor of discovering them.” Simply put, in order to fully apprehend the manifold truths of Scripture—particularly as they pertain to the prophecy of the Great Five and a Half Days—one must come to grips with a peculiar paradox: In the course of the unfolding drama of history, God is far less concerned with how obvious He has made the truth than with how artfully He has hidden it in plain sight.

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