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A Strange World - Preview 1

Tales that speak of an elusive truth, yet truth that genuinely and mysteriously pervades our Universe

Truth Finds Us

A Strange World is a trilogy of tales intended to portray a world that is both fictional and factual at the same time. It is fictional in that this trilogy is made up of stories conceived by the finite imagination of a mere human being, but they are also—dare I say—factual in the sense that they do contain a very real germ of truth, a truth of the most sublime sort. It is an elusive truth, to be sure, yet it is a truth that does genuinely and mysteriously pervade our Universe, however inexplicable it may appear to all but the most perceptive among our race.

It is a truth that speaks of justice when so much injustice seems to prevail. It is a truth that speaks of our humanity when so much of mankind’s inhumanity seems to rule the day. And it is a truth that speaks of the wisdom of the ages even when such wisdom seems to be the furthest thing from us…

So we go on striving for this truth, even when it seems so unattainable, even when it seems so impossibly out of reach, because this is in fact a very real place where, when we least expect it … truth finds us, in … A Strange World

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Story Continues From Above

First up is the haunting tale of two men—born on different sides of the track—who just happen to discover the impossible about each other, when under less than ideal circumstances, they confront just how much alike they really are after all, in … Snow Madness.

Next is the story of one man's monstrous obsession with fame and celebrity, and the rather unexpected results that arise when that man comes face to face with one woman's relentless determination to see that he succeeds—no matter what the price, in … Driven.

And finally there is the story of an ultra-secret agent, created by a shadow government—a superhero-in-training—and the reluctant coach assigned to train him to his full potential. Except in this case, the coach in question doesn't work for the Company, he's actually his guardian angel, in … The Mirror Man.

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