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Learn about the most destructive force in God’s creation, yet one that even a child can conquer in the twinkling of an eye

The Joy of Cynicism and the Death of Beauty

How Your Worldview Shapes the World You Live In

Styles come, and styles go, but what never goes out of style is cynicism. Why? Because we’re only human, and if you’re human, then your life is full of disappointments; and wherever there are disappointments, cynicism is sure to follow. When certain ones wax on about faith, hope, and love, the cynic mocks them because in their view buying into such nonsense reveals how uneducated, unsophisticated, and unrealistic they really are.

As such, no one is beyond the cynic’s scorn or criticism. Not even God. In fact, the God of The Bible is considered an even worthier target for their contempt and ridicule, since He’s thought to be the One to blame for all of humanity’s problems. Whether it’s because He’s too callous, too barbaric, or too inept—you name it—He’s presumed guilty as charged. He is, after all, the One Who is responsible for unleashing evil upon the world, isn’t He?

Now you can learn about the most destructive force in the Universe; you can restore the original light and truth you once knew before this force overtook you on your journey of hope, in The Joy of Cynicism and the Death of Beauty.

The only question that remains is: Will you?

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