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Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale) - Preview 6

Learn what God’s word really tells us about the fate of mankind concerning His judgments

Misconception #49

All the Curses Inflicted by God are Perpetual in Nature

One of the most confusing things we humans face when considering God’s personality is the way The Bible describes Him as being both a God of infinite love and a God of unquenchable anger. A consuming, dreadful fire, on one hand, and a calming, gentle breeze, on the other. It’s this double-edged nature of God that more than anything else stabs at our confused minds. Exactly how can a supposedly loving God not only pronounce blessings of hope upon humanity but pronounce curses of doom on them as well?

It’d be so easy to simply shrug one’s shoulders and write it off as just another of those impenetrable mysteries of God that no one dare question. But unfortunately, by avoiding this issue, we end up overlooking a very important aspect of God’s personality. Therefore, we’ll do our best to address this issue, if only for the sake of trying to scratch the surface regarding this much-misunderstood subject.

The starting point in trying to understand this side of God’s personality is to first examine our own heart—spiritually speaking, that is—because it’s actually an extension of the divine nature that God placed in all of us. As such, our emotions and reactions run the gamut of human experience; we love and we hate, we nurture and we destroy, we bless and we curse. So why wouldn’t we expect the God Who made us to do the same thing, even if what He does is by nature on a much grander scale?

With that in mind, let’s look at one of the most well known curses of God in Scripture.

According to tradition, The Book of Genesis records the time when God confronted Eve for eating the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, whereupon He pronounced a curse that impacted not just her but every one of Eve’s female descendants.

To the woman God said, “I’ll intensify your sorrow, even to the point of your giving birth in pain so through suffering you’ll bring forth your children. Not only that, but your desire will no longer be satisfied through your own bidding, but you’ll be controlled by your husband, and from now on he will dominate you.”1

Ever since that fateful day, the history of the world, like a great mirror held up to confirm or deny the truth of God’s word, has borne witness to all of it. Ever since, women really have endured the pain of childbirth, the struggle for personal freedom, and the domination of men in every area of their lives. All of it testifying to the genuineness of that primordial prophecy.

Considering the apparent effectiveness of such a curse, the only question that remains is: Was this curse ever intended to be perpetual in nature? In other words, once God uttered it, was it supposed to be a curse without restriction, without end?

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Well, based on the attitude of those who claim to believe in Scripture, you’d certainly think so, wouldn’t you? Think of how many Bible-believing men love to quote this verse just when they find themselves losing an argument with an intelligent, strong-willed woman. That’s when they suddenly feel it’s their heavenly duty to make sure that no woman ever gets one over on one of God’s divinely-inspired men.

Then, having successfully completed “stage one” of every good disinformation strategy, they just as quickly move on to “stage two” by isolating this verse from any others in Scripture that extol the overwhelmingly positive impact women have had throughout biblical history.

And moving on to “stage three,” they repeat this well-worn verse so often and so passionately that even God Himself is sometimes tempted to believe that half of His creation is superior to the other. Never mind that when we ask the husband where his wife is, we refer to her as his “better half.” Just ignore annoying, anecdotal details like that, and keep repeating the story the way it’s always been told, and before you know it, you, too, will discover just how effective this method is in lording it over any woman of your choice.

So, there you have it: Another perfectly orchestrated attack on the truth as it’s recorded in The Bible. But, returning to our earlier question: Is that all there is to the story of Eve’s curse? Yes, the historical record testifies that God meant what He said; yes, men have done their damnedest to make it stick—howbeit doing so while in a self-induced state of amnesia concerning those curses in Genesis that pertain to them. Nevertheless, does any of the foregoing prove that God intended for this curse of Eve to last forever?

After all, everyone has a stake in answering this question, not just Eve and her daughters, because if they’re forever cursed, then that also means Adam and his sons are, too. So keep in mind, when we seek to answer this question concerning Eve, there’s much more at stake than some of us might first have imagined.

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