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The Lost Stories Journal Intro, Volume Two

Find out how the most important thing is to avoid overemphasizing one discipline at the expense of the rest

The Pursuit of Wisdom

A Multi-Faceted Approach

As always, the dedicated purpose of The Lost Stories Channel is the pursuit of wisdom—at the same time ancient, medieval, and modern—via a tri-fold harmonization of artistic, scientific, and theological perspectives. And as before, the most important aspect of this pursuit is to avoid the pitfalls of overemphasizing a single discipline at the expense of all the rest. Quite naturally, however, this multi-faceted approach may on the surface seem too ambitious at first, especially because it is one that does so via an open-ended platform like the Internet; but, in fact, considering the interactive nature of the World Wide Web, with its diverse connectivity, its fluid structure, there’s really no better place to attempt such a Herculean effort after all.

To that end, this second volume of The Lost Stories Journal will continue to examine topics previously covered on this website—archeology, history, science, theology, and the like—and will continue to do so in unusual and unexpected ways. Yet as unorthodox as our approach may seem at first, our methods will remain faithful to a tried-and-true methodology of incorporating a multiplicity of points of view, an elimination of prejudicing biases, and a willingness to confirm our notions of what is or is not authentic.

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After all is said and done, having perused this edition of The Journal, you may find that your old way of seeing things has been forever altered with the new. If before you had considered yourself a dedicated rationalist, you might afterward be pleasantly infused by a spark of the existentialist’s dream world; and if before you were suspicious of an all-too-patent view of the Universe, you might afterward be overtaken with a brightly lit vision of the divinely-scripted world of order. Whichever the case, we at The Lost Stories Channel believe it is a journey worth taking, worth the effort, worth the risk.

So, with that firmly in mind, grab hold of your wandering attention span, put away any preconceived notions, and catch the next wave in this thing we call The Lost Stories Adventure, that is, if you dare.

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