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A Strange World - Part 1

Like strangers in a strange land, we seek the truth, then when we least expect it truth finds us

The Face of Truth


A rain-drenched urban landscape flickers in the moonlight.

NARRATOR: In a world of ever-shifting beliefs, the edges of human knowledge are continually pushed beyond their limits. This bewildering tide of change confronts us all, driving everyone into a dilemma called the human race.

Pedestrians scatter in every direction, dodging cars, and each other, in a living orchestra of silent sleepwalkers.

NARRATOR (CONT’D): So, like strangers in a strange land, we all wander the Earth, yearning for truth, like thirsty pilgrims, seeking any oasis of understanding or awareness, searching for the essence of what it means to be truly human.

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Story Continues From Above

City dwellers move about, solitary figures, even though they are all apparently part of the group.

NARRATOR (CONT’D): But, in this ever-changing world, truth wears many masks. Sometimes justice looks more like a ragged fugitive in an upside-down Universe, the butt of a cruel joke played by a callous, trickster god.

Store owners, taxi drivers, newspaper vendors, cops, firemen, and meter maids, all do their jobs dutifully, efficiently, quietly.

NARRATOR (CONT’D): Yet, like a summer breeze, truth and justice do somehow break forth, just when you least expect them. And like that elusive wind, you have no idea which direction it comes from, and you know even less about which direction it’s going next. So, you keep yearning … hoping … searching for the face of truth. Then, just when you least expect it, truth finds you, in … A Strange World.

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