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The Book of Days - Preview 2

In our darkest hour God provided the greatest proof of His control and faithfulness the world would ever know

In Our Darkest Hour

A Forgotten Chapter

It is said The Bible contains more than three thousand promises that God has made to humanity. Many are conditional and require a response from the recipients before God keeps those promises, while many are kept unconditionally, regardless of whether the recipients cooperate in their fulfillment.

This is the story of one of those promises that God kept unconditionally, a promise made to Adam and his descendants that was to be the key to unlocking every other promise God would ever make to humanity. As it turns out, it is also a promise of God that involves some of the most overlooked aspects of biblical history. Why?

Because unbeknownst to most modern-day Christians living in the West, the men who recorded the events surrounding this fulfilled promise were quoting from the Greek translation of The Old Testament called The Septuagint. As a result, their understanding of biblical history was far different from ours today.

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Case in point, the writers of The New Testament believed that the time from Adam to Christ represented a 5,500-year timeline, as opposed to the one inspired by the King James Version of The Bible, which depicts this time period as being some 4,000 years. Why does that matter?

It matters because this lesser-known timeline of 5,500 years, found in The Septuagint, does everything to confirm God’s control over history and faithfulness to His word while the traditional 4,000-year time frame does nothing but obscure and nullify another vitally important aspect concerning the most pivotal promise ever made and kept by God in history.

It is the story of this forgotten chapter of biblical history, then, that this work, The Book of Days, will seek to uncover and illuminate. In the telling of this tale of God’s primordial promise, known as the prophecy of the Great Five and a Half Days, the reader will rediscover a long-lost truth regarding the Lord’s plan to send humanity a Savior, when in our darkest hour God provided the most clear-cut proof of His control and faithfulness the world would ever know.

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