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The Lost Stories Journal Intro, Volume One

Only when a multiplicity of perspectives are harmonized can we begin to trust our results

The Lost Stories Invitation

A Multiplicity of Perspectives

With The Lost Stories Journal, we intend to blaze a new trail, one which relentlessly seeks the harmonization of creativity, wisdom, and truth. In artistic terms it is called perspective, in scientific terms it is called repeatability, and in theological terms it is called confirmation.

When artistic truth is sought, the artist always seeks to incorporate a wide variety of points-of-view to infuse his art with genuine “realism.” When scientific truth is being determined, a scientist constantly looks for ways to eliminate biases that can cloud the apparent meaning of his observations of “reality.” And so it is, when theological truth is being sought, the theologian must also be just as willing to submit his theological discoveries to a similar process of confirming what is and is not “real.”

Unfortunately, most schools of thought tend to persist on emphasizing a single discipline, at the expense of every other valid discipline. But this approach to an understanding of “ultimate reality” is, by its very nature, limited in its interpretation. The aim of The Lost Stories Channel will be to provide a counterbalance to this natural tendency.

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Only when a multiplicity of perspectives can be harmonized—artistic, scientific, and theological—can we ever begin to “trust” our so-called “results.” This is what happens when a new bit of evidence fills in a missing piece to an ancient mystery, thereby providing us with a “new way” of interpreting “old information.” That is, until the next milestone of history is passed, and we are finally ready to see beyond our “old” understanding of things … yet again.

And, as we all venture into this daunting, new future, we hope you will join us at The Lost Stories Channel in the adventure of a lifetime, if ever there was one.

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