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W. Kent’s Biography

Kent has been acknowledged as a meticulous commentator, even when challenging traditional viewpoints

W. Kent Smith

Writer / Producer / Editor / Narrator

Since the mid-1980s, W. Kent Smith has found himself filling a variety of roles while working at the business of storytelling, whether it was writing scripts for local video companies or independent film people. During the last four decades, Kent’s writing projects have ranged from commercials and documentaries to movie treatments and screenplays, for such diverse companies as Nabisco, the American Film Institute, and Stanley Kramer Productions. Only in the last thirty years has Kent focused primarily on writing books and screenplays based on his own script ideas—producing such works as the anthology series entitled A Strange World: The Face of Truth.

Kent’s offbeat approach to history has been a source of considerable amazement ever since his first book Lost Stories for All Ages: Apocryphal Literature for the 21st Century was published in November of 1999. Since that time Kent has been acknowledged as a resourceful and meticulous commentator on historical figures and events, even when challenging traditional viewpoints—particularly with books like Flight of the Fowler: A True Story of Nazi Escape … Almost.

Ever since his Whittier College days, Kent has endeavored to show that the historical process is a vast puzzle capable of being pieced together. His entire life has been spent researching history, while linking world events with philosophy, theology, science, and technology. It was a lifelong pursuit of the “metapatterns” in history that has helped to shape Kent’s unique perspective on the interconnectedness of Western life.

Hoping to establish a showcase for this unique brand of research and writing, Kent began work on his own website in 2000. Dubbed The Lost Stories Channel, the site features a variety of subject matter, primarily intended to augment the dramatic narratives depicted in Lost Stories for All Ages.

Finally, after several more years of research and writing, Kent completed a second edition of Lost Stories for All Ages, which is now available on this website under the title Tales of Forever: The Unfolding Drama of God’s Hidden Hand in History, available in a paperback and eBook edition.

Subsequent to that title came three more books: Fish Tales (From the Belly of the Whale): Fifty of the Greatest Misconceptions Ever Blamed on The Bible, then came On Earth as It is On Heaven: The Promise of America, Technology, and the New Earth, and then The Joy of Cynicism: How Your Worldview Shapes the World You Live In.

Kent lives in West Covina, California, an eastern suburb of Los Angeles. He can be contacted at or

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