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On Earth as It is On Heaven - Excerpt 8

To understand how America fits into the biblical narrative, we need to hone in on the theme of power

Mistakes of the Past

The Inevitable Fall From Grace

Just as America was once called the New World, the world after the receding flood waters in Noah’s day can also be considered a new world. The human race had been given a new lease on life in the wake of a terrible abuse of power, which a traditional view of Scripture ignores. That’s because an important biblical account was censored after several early Church Fathers deemed it too controversial for the masses. Without the background information provided by this “lost book” of The Bible, the real reason God destroyed the Earth would have eluded mankind for all time.

I’m referring to a book I mentioned earlier: The First Book of Enoch. In this ancient text, we find written evidence that God didn’t flood the Earth just because humanity succumbed to the sins of the flesh, as though God was somehow shocked by human sin. This isn’t meant to diminish the tragedy of sin but instead to point out that while sin has marred God’s plan for humanity, it can never account for God unleashing the Flood. No, much more disturbing to God was what Enoch chronicled in his book concerning those angelic beings called the Watchers. It was they who necessitated the Great Flood. More specifically, it was their human offspring whom Genesis calls the Nephilim—the giants—who according to Enoch began to multiply and destroy all life on Earth. Were it not for the need to destroy that monstrous race of giants, the Flood would never have been required.

Story Continues Below
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Story Continues From Above

Now it may seem out of place to be telling a tale of giants when speaking of the promise of America, technology, and the New Earth. But I assure you that further down the road in this unfolding drama, we will return to the implications of this fantastic tale. In the meantime, however, barring certain Church Fathers’ disapproval of such an incredible tale, suffice it to say, we’re presently looking to this chapter of biblical history as a fitting parallel. Why do I say that?

I do so because to understand how the existence of America fits into the entire biblical narrative, we first need to hone in on one of the most prominent themes in The Bible, which is to say, the theme of power. More specifically, we’re talking about power derived directly from the blessing of God Himself. In this story of power, we’d do well to note that throughout human history God has always been willing to give power to His chosen vessels, all the while knowing that in time those whom He blesses will inevitably abuse that power and be corrupted by it.

Again and again, whether it’s Adam and Eve, or Israel and Judah, the chosen ones begin in a state of blissful ignorance, believing themselves to be the perpetual darlings of God. Then, complacency and pride creep in, slowly but surely eroding the established order, followed by willful disobedience and outright rebellion. Finally, after all the stern warnings of the Lord are ignored comes His reluctant, though necessary, punishment as depicted in the first couple’s fall from grace and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah’s deportation into slavery. Yet according to a similarly persistent pattern, God places a time limit on this period of judgment. Instead of destroying the people of His calling, His chastisement ultimately leads to repentance and renewal, thereby bringing them to a higher level of responsibility and awareness...

So in telling the story of the promise of America, technology, and the New World—and in telling it through the prism of God’s desire to make Earth more like Heaven—we first have to acknowledge the existence of this tug of war of the ages. It’s no less than a back-and-forth struggle between God’s willingness to localize His presence and thus to bestow power upon certain humans of His choice, and how those humans inevitably succumb to the corrupting nature of that divine presence and power. Whether in the case of Adam and Eve, or Noah and his children, or Abraham and his family, The Bible is the key to understanding how this power struggle has laid the foundation for the history of the world as we know it. In it we find how God intends that the promises He holds out to humanity in every age will survive every effort of the devil and his minions to thwart those promises.

In short, Earth is the battleground, where God and His words of promise and hope are pitted against Satan and his words of doubt and confusion. From that first encounter with Adam and Eve, the devil sowed seeds of doubt and confusion—doubt as to God’s goodness and love, confusion as to whether God had really given them all they needed. In opposing everything God has ever promised to humanity, all the devil has ever had to do is interject a subtle yet powerful series of suggestions—innuendos, really: “Did God really mean what He said? Are you sure there isn’t more to it than that? Are you sure He’s not holding something back? Don’t you realize you could be so much more? Don’t you know you could be like God, if only you’re willing to do whatever it takes?”

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