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On Earth as It is On Heaven - Excerpt 9

Who sees that dividing and uniting is nowhere more beautifully exemplified than in America?

The Dividing of the Earth

No Shortage of Evidence

Considering the catastrophic lengths that God went to in dividing the Earth and scattering the children of Noah, I can’t help wondering: How many Christians reading this are making the connection that any evangelical mind should have made by now? How many can see that the Great Commission of Christ, in sending His disciples into all the Earth to preach the gospel, is nothing less than a grand continuation of what God has been telling humanity in every age since the days of Adam and Eve? And more importantly, how many discern that the process of dividing, scattering, and uniting hasn’t just occurred in the lives of Noah and his immediate family, but is nowhere in history more beautifully exemplified than in this land of the New World called America?

No doubt, though, because traditions are so hard to overcome, even Christians who are aware of the biblical origins of America will resist connecting them with what they read in The Bible. Sure, they’d concede the Pilgrims came to this land hoping to create a new society based on the scriptural principles of liberty, justice, and equality. But just because the founders of America were inspired by Scripture doesn’t mean anything in Scripture predicted the creation of America. Right?

And that, of course, is where things get interesting. Because while most Christians resist the idea that The Bible could have both inspired and predicted the creation of America, I must insist that even the most ardent skeptic remain open minded. After all, considering the peculiar circumstances surrounding the formation of our nation, in terms of both secular and sacred history, one actually finds it harder to believe that Scripture didn’t predict it rather than that it did.

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Just consider what we’re dealing with when Christians speak of The Bible. Isn’t it supposed to be a book that tells the history of all the great nations as they pertain to God’s plan of the ages, as well as of the future world powers that will play a part in the consummation of the ages? If so, then just think about what you’re saying when you insist that Scripture failed to foresee the advent of a country like the United States of America. In this instance, if Scripture drew a blank regarding the advent of America, we’d be talking about a book that foresaw the future of nations but not of America. A book that foresaw the future of the world to its final chapter but not of a world transformed by America’s technology, which has transformed the Earth more than any other nation in history. And a book that foresaw the appearance of the New Earth but not of the future world as it will one day become prior to the grand appearance of that New Earth, coming down as a bride to greet an awaiting groom.

So tell me, you who claim to believe in the visionary power of Scripture: How does such a possibility speak of an omniscient God, to completely miss the advent of the greatest world power, in conjunction with that other world power, of which it was said the Sun never set on the British Empire? Does that even make sense?

So, rather than continue the tradition of straining out gnats and swallowing camels, the real job of truth-seekers shouldn’t be to deny the evidence of America’s advent in Scripture. We should instead confront the evidence we’d expect to find but that has so often been obscured and clouded through disinformation and subterfuge. As such, for anyone willing to look at the evidence, the problem isn’t trying to find evidence to confirm such a possibility; the problem is trying to decipher what’s always been there abundantly before us. Our job, then, isn’t to search for clues no one has found yet but, rather, to sift through an abundance of clues, to once and for all organize them in a coherent, credible manner.

That’s why I’ve begun this deciphering of clues, in the context of the recurring historical narratives that speak of dividing, scattering, and uniting. Yes, to anyone who looks to the evidence of the biblical origins of America, there’s no shortage of evidence. Yes, to anyone who looks, there are ample works that connect the people of Scripture with those who found their way to the shores of the New World. But to my knowledge, never have these facts of biblical history been woven together in the context of—what, I believe, has been buried until now—the hidden meaning of the words of Scripture that lie at the heart of this ages-long mystery.

That’s why I’ll repeatedly speak about the promise of America, technology, and the New Earth in terms of a never-before-told story. While the story of how the birth of America connects with that of the people of ancient Israel has been told in a myriad of ways, this work will constitute the first attempt to explain why they’re connected.

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