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Flight of the Fowler - Excerpt 2

A strange prophecy came to the court of Henry the Fowler, warning of an impending storm from the East

Let the Madness Begin


Young Himmler, age ten, listens intently as his father lectures his students.

PROFESSOR HIMMLER: It is the tenth century. A strange prophecy comes to the court of Henry the Fowler, by way of a Saxon soothsayer. It warns of an impending storm from the East, which threatens to destroy Germany unless it is stopped somewhere in the region of Westphalia.


With his own hands, Himmler ceremoniously lays the foundation stone for a new project—restoring a medieval fortress, complete with forged iron doors, and runic designs everywhere.

HIMMLER (V.O.): A magnificent castle could provide a barrier from the Eastern hordes, couldn’t it, Father?

Marble statues in the style of the Teutonic period stand throughout the courtyard.

PROFESSOR HIMMLER (V.O.): Yes, of course, Heinrich, it could. Very good.


Each room is decorated with genuine period pieces, down to the last detail, personifying the lives of many of the men who took possession of the Holy Lance.

HIMMLER (V.O.): It could also make an excellent launching point for elite troops, right?

Above the door of each room is a plaque engraved with a name: Constantine, Alaric, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Frederick Barbarossa, Henry the Fowler.

PROFESSOR HIMMLER (V.O.) (growing impatient): Yes, Heinrich, yes, of course, thank you. That will be all, son.

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Story Continues Below
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Story Continues From Above

Sitting prominently on Himmler’s desk, resting in an ancient-looking leather case, is the Holy Lance. Himmler and SCHELLENBERG, among others, stand gazing at it.

HIMMLER: Before us, gentlemen, rests a talisman of power unlike anything the world can even imagine. Its historic import far surpasses the Ark of the Covenant, or even the Holy Grail. According to legend, this spearhead actually pierced the side of Christ as He hung on the cross. And whoever possesses this Holy Lance will control the destiny of the world, whether for good … or for evil.

SCHELLENBERG: Excuse me, Commander. It was my understanding that this is actually a replica of the Holy Lance. The real one is still sitting in an Austrian museum … the Hofburg, I believe.

HIMMLER (trying to mask his annoyance): How astute of you, Schellenberg. Yes, well, while every effort is being made to recover the actual lance, we still should never underestimate the symbolic meaning in even this replica. The symbol still resonates to us in a very powerful way. Don’t you think?

SCHELLENBERG (trying to sound interested): Yes, yes, of course. I see what you’re saying.


Dressed as Henry the Fowler, in full military regalia, Himmler rides the plains on horseback, followed by his TROOPS. MARAUDING HORDES from the East move toward them.

HIMMLER (V.O.): Consider just some of the great men who have claimed possession of it: Constantine, Alaric, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Frederick Barbarossa, Henry the Fowler. The list goes on and on

Himmler, the Fowler, holds up an intact version of the Lance for his troops to see.

HIMMLER (V.O.) (CONT’D): All great men leading great armies in world-shaping battles. Just as Adolf Hitler is destined to do.

Abruptly, Himmler’s horse bolts out ahead of the rest as he valiantly leads a cavalry charge.


CONCENTRATION CAMP WORKERS painstakingly handcraft solid oak furniture throughout the castle.

HIMMLER (V.O.): On July 2, 1936—the thousand-year anniversary of Henry the Fowler’s death in 936—I begin with the first of my annual S.S. ceremonies, which will honor the Saxon king who actually succeeded in uniting the entire race of Germanic people.


At the stroke of midnight, Himmler stands with his DISTINGUISHED GUESTS, before a tomb inscribed with the words:

Here lie the bones of the revered Henry the First, also known as the Fowler.

HIMMLER: I vow to always remain faithful to the lessons of Henry the Fowler. And if I am not, may God Himself strike me down.

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